Making the world a better place.

Lately I’ve been watching videos on Facebook via the play button icon on the app. Rather than scroll through my newsfeed I find these interesting videos. My favorite ones to watch are usually acts of kindness. 

I’ve always felt through the cosmetology industry I can make an impact in someone’s life. How you might ask? By enhancing their beauty: tailoring a certain color or haircut to their wants and  beautiful features. I love giving everyone who sits in my chair complements. To let them know this is a safe place, where they can feel relaxed and heard. It isn’t just about the hair. It is so much more than that. 

Recently I watched one where these guys who make comical prank videos (jalals) put together care package bags, containing over 600 dollars worth of items and give them out to total strangers (homeless individuals), expecting nothing in return. The basis of the video is to give back to their community and raise awareness. Of course by the end of the video I’m crying like a baby. (With joy.) These videos make me feel grateful for what I have and hopeful for humanity. 

Tonight I felt an urgency to partake in something greater than myself. I can do more, whether it’s a positive gesture or comment, we can all do more. Capitalizing on what I already do for my clients at the salon, I’ve decided I can give complements to strangers when I’m grocery shopping. Other RAK (random acts of kindness) I can perform such as: opening the door for someone, wave or smile at individuals in my community, assist with a task. 

I want to eventually give back to my community by helping out Mothers in need. Whether it might be donating our boys clothes that they’ve grown out of or toys that they no longer use. I would also love to partner with the star of hope or another organization to donate hair cuts to individuals in need. I want to teach our boys how to give back as well. With children I feel like it’s easy they have big hearts, before they are conditioned they usually have no prejudgement. Lead by example, our children watch our every move if we could all be more conscious in the way we treat one another our kiddos will follow. 

We can all do something to help one another. It could be a domino effect. We have the potential to make this world a better place, no act goes unseen. 

From my own experience, there has been times when I have felt low or emotional distressed. A individual has given me a complement like, I love your hair. Or your so cute, I love your outfit. Those small comments have helped boost my mood. 

I challenge you next time you’re at the grocery store to complement your cashier or help someone reach the yogurt at the top of the isle. Maybe even give something to someone you may know in need. It comes full circle. 

With love,


The balancing act. 

I had a thought today about the struggle for balance in life. Since becoming a mother in 2013, I have had to brawl with my inner thoughts on how I can be myself while being a mom. Making time for self care while still being the best mother to our boys.

Currently I work full time, then I work some more when I get home. Doing the day to day chores that come along with having a family. I know I am blessed, I have two beautiful healthy toddlers and a supportive husband but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel the unfairness of life. 

I refuse to suppress the negative, it comes along with the positive. In order to balance life I have to be aware of all that surrounds me, good and bad. 

When I’m not in the presence of my offspring I long for their uncontrollable laughs and obnoxious behavior. Occasionally, when I’m with them I find myself not enjoy the moment or letting the overwhelming desire to be alone invade my being. 

If anyone else is exeriencing these feeling know that they do not define you. Being a mother/wife is challenging, rewarding, beautiful, chaotic, and unpredictable. 

How can I go out with some friends and not feel guilt about my boys being at home with someone else? 

This is one of the thoughts that runs across my brain as one of my gals is texting me to get together. (This isn’t often.) lol. Motherhood is a battle and our toughest opponent is ourselves. F*ck, I know what I need to do but sometimes it so hard. lol I’m sure meditation will help with these racing thoughts but that would be taking time for myself and I don’t want to do that… (sarcasm)

I’ve found, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to release these feelings. Be aware that the emotion is there, do not suppress. The manifestation of negative feelings, taking refuge in your inner core, will only allow for negative outcomes. 

Working towards balance, caring for myself, husband, and our kids will always be a challenge but I vow to never give up. Even if it’s once a week do something for myself, even if it’s as meniscual as taking a bath. To continually put forth effort in making my marriage blossom. To strive to be the best form of myself as a mother and wife. 

With love, 


Summer hair care tips!

With it being sweet, sweet summertime everyone is enjoying the sunny weather (sometimes). Being outside more the sun and pool can cause dryness. Below you will find some tips to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

1If it’s been 6 months or longer since you got a haircut, take the time to get a decent trim. This will eliminate any further breakage and make your hair more manageable.

2Invest in a leave in conditioner. If you color your hair look for something that is color safe. I suggest it’s a 10, Redken 25 benefits, there is a number of great leave ins. Check your local salon or Ulta.

3 Shampoo & conditioner, something that is going to moisturize or repair your hair. If it’s sulfate free it will be color safe. Some options are SheaMoisture Moisture Retention Shampoo. Redken All Soft. Again check your local salon or Ulta for these products.

4Prep before pool. Especially for my blondes, spray your hair with leave in conditioner prior to entering the pool. It will act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorinated water.

5Conditioning treatments. Either get one the service from your stylist or purchase a deep conditioner or mask to do at home. Apply up to once a week, depending on desired results and current damage.

✳️If you read these tips and they work for you, be sure to pass them along to a friend and get the message out there. Enjoy this season with soft and beautiful hair!

When life gets too real.

I don’t really care for labels, of any kind. I would be a hypocrite if I said I never used them. BUT I don’t like them because I feel that it eliminates unity. Causing people to feel partial to those that they feel are in their “group” instead of being open minded to all individuals. Most of these “feels” are subconscious.

I  am really working on more unity less division in every aspect of my life especially when it comes to the way we treat one another.

Anywho enough philosophical shit. Lets get real real, I have always struggled with anxiety and depression. The first time I remember being overly anxious almost scared, was when I was three or four years old. My mom was taking me to preschool and I did not want to go. I felt short of breathe almost fearful of the unknown. I had separation issues from my mom. It also stems for my parents divorcing when I was four years old.

I was in therapy for a while and that helped. But I still struggled with silencing the voices in my head. I mean inner thoughts of fear of what could happen or what could not happen. 

Once I hit middle school it only intensified, mainly from the social pressures of how to act/ dress/ talk/ feel. Unfortunately I wasn’t too confident in myself and I was persuaded easily by my peers.

On a positive note I wasn’t totally dark, I did have my positive happy moments like being on the volleyball team and playing club soccer. Those are the few times I actually felt myself, free. Growing up in Galveston close to the beach was great also. Being less than two miles from the water and having the freedom to venture to the warm sand and peaceful waters was a real blessing.

I feel my depression lessened once I hit high school, I found my friends and was genuinely happy, I felt accepted. We had to abruptly move to another city my sophomore year and I was devisted. More therapy which helped. I got past my limiting beliefs and carried on knowing that I had to look forward because we weren’t going back.

Fast forward more than five years and I find myself in this place wanting to conquer my fear of the unknown and learn to be present.

Occasionally I still struggle with anxiety and depression. Whether it be anxiety about who’s going to babysit our boys or what appointments are on my schedule for the day. Whirling thoughts of what could happen. When contemplating these “feels” I realize I’m not being present. Focusing on the hear and now deminishes the fear of the unknown, almost suppressing the anxiety.

But I don’t find it a crutch anymore. You learn to deal with it and the best form of therapy I have found is openly discussing and writing about this issue. Weather it’s blogging, writing in the notes in your phone, or in a journal. Find an outlet and you will conquer your inner demons. Live in positivity, be grateful for everything you have. Do things that make you happy: working out, playing with your animals or kids, draw, meditate.

I have found that all these things bring me peace and ease the anxiety.

Really though I want you to know you are not alone. Almost everyone experiences some form of anxiety and depression, but lets be there for one another. Share our trials and the things that help us deal.

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?

Was this relatable?

What are some activities you do to calm your nerves and stay present? 

So I’ll leave you with these thoughts💭 on this glorious Wednesday evening. 

With love,


Oh Monday.

Mondays are my Sundays because I currently work Tuesday thru Saturday. I usually spend my Mondays doin’ mom/ wife sh*t, like laundry and cleaning. 

This past Monday we decided to go to the zoo. Its been on my heart lately to partake in more “fun activities” with the boys. My husband Cal’s schedule has changed recently so he was able to come as well. We loaded up the wagon and the boys – to the zoo we went! 

We have a membership thanks for nonie and papa so we get to go as often as we want. Which would be every day if it were up to Caybren and Ander. This summer the Houston Zoo has Lego Art… it’s amazing. Since we are members we get to venture through the exhibit at a discounted rate. Check out their website for more benefits of a membership.

The boys love to go around and look at all the animals, unfortunately they are not fans of sitting still so a lot of times we are letting them out and then when the boys take advantage of their freedom putting them back in the wagon. Lol 

I love how excited Caybren and Ander get, it’s so genuine. “Look look mommy a cute monkey!” Caybren shouts. “Look look” Ander shouts. He (Ander) still speaks cave man so it usually takes some time to understand him. 

Any who, we decided to check out the Lego Art and it was great! Hard to believe people put all of it together with their hands. Our oldest is trained well, he stood by each figure and shouted, “take a picture, take a picture!” 

As you can imagine it was adorable. Almost everything they do is adorable. Lol 

My goal when going on adventures with the boys is to take everything in and enjoy the moment. I’m guilty of getting all strung up about the way the boys are acting out or not listening. So I remind myself to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. They are only two and three once, with as quick as time flies I want remember every moment I’m blessed with them. Including my husband, I’m thankful for the times he’s able to partake in our adventures as well. 

It was a great way to spend a few hours and as always the boys didn’t want to leave. If you haven’t been to the zoo in a while go explore. It was great fun and I highly recommend the Lego Art exhibit. 

Happy Tuesday!

With love,


Family adventures.

When we actually do get out of the house we like to go on adventures. We call our outings adventures to, in essence bribe Caybren out of the house. Ander, our youngest is very go with the flow. Caybren doesn’t seem to like change, he has to be convinced.

Thus every time we leave the comfort of our apartment its an adventure.

Some food for thought: our boys are a year and two months apart, when I first went out with the two of them alone it was scary and unpredictable. With planning and patience I got through it, thus allowing me to appreciate the times when I had assistance going out with them.

Now with Caybren and Ander being toddlers I’m back in the “scary and unpredictable” phase. Thankfully this adventure was accompanied by my amazing husband.

Saturday I got off of work close to 6pm and spur of the moment we decided to go to Baybrook Mall. They have expanded the mall outside and there is some awesome restaurants and shopping!

After eating at Uberrito, we ventured off to explore the outside mall. In the center of the several stores and restaurants there is a grassy area with a big screen. No movie was playing but the kids were frolicking around. We got the boys each a yummy lollipop from It’ Sugar (candy store) and hung out on the steps. Of course this lasted all of maybe a minute for Ander, he wanted to run around with the kids and his lollipop. (Not happening. lol)

Then Ander decided he was gonna run off down the walkway. Hence prompting our adventure through the mall.

We often forget to bring a stroller, which is occasional hell so I don’t know why I keep doing myself the injustice of being forgetful… Not having a stroller having to we end up carry Ander, because he loves to run off and get into EVERYTHING. This time we found an abandoned mall fire truck stroller that the boys couldn’t resist.

Caybren would instruct Cal (my husband) “hurry there’s a fire, that way!” “To the rescue!”

As you can imagine it was adorable and humorous.

That leads me to our last adventure of the day, my husband assisting Caybren in one of those virtual reality thingys… I’m not sure exactly what it’s called but they put on the goggle looking device that was connected to a tv so they could experience a roller coaster in dinosaur land.

Of course Caybren loved it and poor Ander was crying and screaming because he wasn’t able to participate. Once the ride/ movie ended Caybren was now unhappy because he wanted to do it again.

As we continued to walk around the rest of the mall the stores were closing and it was time to end our adventurous Saturday night. All in all my anxiety only reached a level 5, with no major incidents so it was a success.

In conclusion, what are some of the adventures you like to go on with your family?

Do you find yourself enjoying the little things?

Or do you spend too much time dwelling on the inability to control your toddlers every growing desire to get into everything and anything.

With love,



According to the word “motherhood” is defined in three parts.

1. “The state of being a mother; maternity.”

2.”The qualities or spirit of a mother.”

3. “Mothers collectively.”

Now, some of you are probably thinking, “wth” why did she google & define motherhood… Everyone has their own definition of this beautiful word, it means something different for each of us. For me, there is an immense amount of emotion behind this word.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a mother.

Upon graduating high school, in conversation with my friends, I mentioned I would become a mother in my early twenties. At the time I didn’t put too much thought into  this statement. We were just making conversation reminiscing on what could be.

Friends came & went, I met an amazing man when I was 18 years old, who would become the father of my boys and my husband. Fast forward a few years and I was graced with motherhood at 20 years old.

I’ll rewind a bit, but before Caybren we suffered 2 miscarriages… (ill save those stories for another post)

In those times I was in such a hurry to become a mom, I’m not fully sure why because this shit is as much rewarding as it is challenging. lol. Anyway miscarriage is hard emotionally and physically, but once I was able to get past the pain, and make peace with God’s timing is when I had a successful pregnancy.

Thus Caybren Jax Adams was born and I was born into this amazing community called “Motherhood.”

Life with kids is not all cupcakes and unicorns. This shit is a struggle. I have to take deep breaths and count to 10. I lose my cool and get angry. We all make mistakes, NO ONE is a perfect parent. But every experience is a learning one and I am so grateful to be a mom. To have these perfect tiny humans looking up to my husband and I. We get to assist in molding these beautiful creatures in to kind, compassionate, loving, humble, respecting people, who will hopefully make a difference in the world one day.

Just remember you’re not alone, we all struggle with the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Whats your definition of motherhood and what does it mean to you?! Leave me some love(responses) below.


With love,