Mommin’ on a prayer.

Lets be real, being a mom is TOUGH as nails some times.

We’ve all been on the dirty side of a diaper cussing in our heads (or out loud) about the mess or how the wipes are on the other side of the room and how I should have grabbed them before going to the living room to change this shit shower.

If you have more than one child chances are you’ve had a rough day or two. Some days the mood swings and persistent questioning of every action we perform are TOO MUCH.

YES YES being a mom is a gift from the heavens. It’s a blessing, and occasionally a curse. (kidding, kidding)

We are all just learning as we go. I’m not perfect, my parenting skills aren’t perfect, but I am determined to better my mommin’ one day at a time.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated or feel overwhelmed. You’d be a robot if you didn’t feel all the emotions ever named raising tiny humans.

One amazing thing I’ve learned is if one day sucks rocks, we go to bed, wake up and its a new day filled with new experiences and chances to make the best of the unpredictable.

Do you ever think back, before you had children, and think why you wanted them???

I do.

I still remember, before my boys were Earth side my motivation for having kiddos was to   make a difference in the world. I wanted to love someone unconditionally so hard that it made me strive for greatness every damn day.

I want my boys to know that dreams DO come true. That they can accomplish ANYTHING that they invest hard work and dedication into.

To love everyone. Give kindness FREELY. Encourage compassion.

Inspire your children to strive for greatness and to dream BIG. It is so important to instill in your children from a young age to manifest thoughts into reality.

Children are more susceptible to these thoughts because they are imaginative and open minded. They aren’t as affected by societies negative perceptions of making dreams come true as us adults.

As an adult we’ve been programmed to stay safe, make safe career choices, don’t take risk because what if.

Our children haven’t been programmed by society yet, so encourage them to be kind, live in love, and dream.

What do you tell your kiddos?

Do you inspire them to be what ever they find passion in?

Do you constantly tell them no, you can’t do that. Thats not possible. You’re not capable.

What are a few dreams you have for your children?

If you’re reading thinking what the fuck just happened this post took a turn… I’m thinking the same thing. It got REAL QUICK.

haha. Gotta keep it interesting, right?


with love,



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