The Potty Training Trials

If you are a parent with a toddler(s) you know the trials. You’ve probably experienced the sh*t and pee on an object other than a diaper or the inside of a toilet bowl. Changing diapers is no fun, especially when your little one starts eating solids. Potty training is no fun either, not to be a Debbie Downer, but I’d rather teach his how to do anything else. 

It would be awesome if there was a potty fairy that descended from the heavens and waved her potty shaped wand over your sleeping toddler, magically the next day they were shitting and peeing in the potty. Since that hasn’t been created yet, were left to other resources. I’m not a big reader especially when it comes to books on raising kids. There’s nothing wrong with reading these books they just aren’t my cup of tea. 

I clearly like to do things the hard way. First we tried letting Caybren just be naked from the waist down but that didn’t last because he decided to act like a cave boy and pee on everything. Next we put him in undies, he would pee in them. He wasn’t a fan of that feeling. I don’t know who would be. Occasionally we would catch him before going in his pants and in the potty he went. Oh and number two… forget about it. He’s been great about number one. In the last month Caybren has had maybe 2 accidents. Only one of those being at night. Up until recently their was several days out of the week poo was everywhere but in the toilet. Seriously I was about to give up and let him be in diapers for ever. Legit. 

Then a silver lining, while at my grandmas two to three weeks ago he successfully went number two! Since then we’ve had a few accidents but he’s going pretty much in the toilet. Thank Buddha! 

I thought we were in the clear once this happened. Then I remember it’s not instinctual to wipe your own ass… I have to teach him that too! 

So after he sneaks off to do his bidness, I’m wondering where Caybren is, I get up to search for him. In the bathroom the first thing I see is unmentionable… and it’s by the toilet seat. Not only do I have to clean his booty but the seat as well. Occasionally his legs too. But at least he’s on the right track. 

The worst is when the “accidents” happen in public… Caybren’s first accident was in Kroger, thank God it was number one. But we still had to request clean up on isle 10. It was pretty embarrassing, for us, not him of course. 

I always love when you are out somewhere grocery shopping or whatever and they see a bathroom. Caybren says “need to go potty” “potty right now” “hurry”. When this happens I’m usually by myself with both boys. I have to drop everything and run Caybren to the bathroom. Trying to put him on the potty and keep Ander from waving under the stall at the ladies is a real task. 

It blows my mind sometimes all the things we need to teach them. I’m not sure when the proper age is to clean your own tush but I think we’ll take it one day at a time. I’m not ready to teach anything else regarding a potty for a good week. (Haha). 

On another note, our other son Ander is two and I’m no where near ready for potty training part two. 

With ❤️,


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