Making the world a better place.

Lately I’ve been watching videos on Facebook via the play button icon on the app. Rather than scroll through my newsfeed I find these interesting videos. My favorite ones to watch are usually acts of kindness. 

I’ve always felt through the cosmetology industry I can make an impact in someone’s life. How you might ask? By enhancing their beauty: tailoring a certain color or haircut to their wants and  beautiful features. I love giving everyone who sits in my chair complements. To let them know this is a safe place, where they can feel relaxed and heard. It isn’t just about the hair. It is so much more than that. 

Recently I watched one where these guys who make comical prank videos (jalals) put together care package bags, containing over 600 dollars worth of items and give them out to total strangers (homeless individuals), expecting nothing in return. The basis of the video is to give back to their community and raise awareness. Of course by the end of the video I’m crying like a baby. (With joy.) These videos make me feel grateful for what I have and hopeful for humanity. 

Tonight I felt an urgency to partake in something greater than myself. I can do more, whether it’s a positive gesture or comment, we can all do more. Capitalizing on what I already do for my clients at the salon, I’ve decided I can give complements to strangers when I’m grocery shopping. Other RAK (random acts of kindness) I can perform such as: opening the door for someone, wave or smile at individuals in my community, assist with a task. 

I want to eventually give back to my community by helping out Mothers in need. Whether it might be donating our boys clothes that they’ve grown out of or toys that they no longer use. I would also love to partner with the star of hope or another organization to donate hair cuts to individuals in need. I want to teach our boys how to give back as well. With children I feel like it’s easy they have big hearts, before they are conditioned they usually have no prejudgement. Lead by example, our children watch our every move if we could all be more conscious in the way we treat one another our kiddos will follow. 

We can all do something to help one another. It could be a domino effect. We have the potential to make this world a better place, no act goes unseen. 

From my own experience, there has been times when I have felt low or emotional distressed. A individual has given me a complement like, I love your hair. Or your so cute, I love your outfit. Those small comments have helped boost my mood. 

I challenge you next time you’re at the grocery store to complement your cashier or help someone reach the yogurt at the top of the isle. Maybe even give something to someone you may know in need. It comes full circle. 

With love,


2 thoughts on “Making the world a better place.

  1. Great post Em!
    You do alot just being your bubbly self. You give off positive energy and vibes. I see it in your pictures and feel it whenever I run into you. Namaste!


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