Oh Monday.

Mondays are my Sundays because I currently work Tuesday thru Saturday. I usually spend my Mondays doin’ mom/ wife sh*t, like laundry and cleaning. 

This past Monday we decided to go to the zoo. Its been on my heart lately to partake in more “fun activities” with the boys. My husband Cal’s schedule has changed recently so he was able to come as well. We loaded up the wagon and the boys – to the zoo we went! 

We have a membership thanks for nonie and papa so we get to go as often as we want. Which would be every day if it were up to Caybren and Ander. This summer the Houston Zoo has Lego Art… it’s amazing. Since we are members we get to venture through the exhibit at a discounted rate. Check out their website for more benefits of a membership.

The boys love to go around and look at all the animals, unfortunately they are not fans of sitting still so a lot of times we are letting them out and then when the boys take advantage of their freedom putting them back in the wagon. Lol 

I love how excited Caybren and Ander get, it’s so genuine. “Look look mommy a cute monkey!” Caybren shouts. “Look look” Ander shouts. He (Ander) still speaks cave man so it usually takes some time to understand him. 

Any who, we decided to check out the Lego Art and it was great! Hard to believe people put all of it together with their hands. Our oldest is trained well, he stood by each figure and shouted, “take a picture, take a picture!” 

As you can imagine it was adorable. Almost everything they do is adorable. Lol 

My goal when going on adventures with the boys is to take everything in and enjoy the moment. I’m guilty of getting all strung up about the way the boys are acting out or not listening. So I remind myself to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. They are only two and three once, with as quick as time flies I want remember every moment I’m blessed with them. Including my husband, I’m thankful for the times he’s able to partake in our adventures as well. 

It was a great way to spend a few hours and as always the boys didn’t want to leave. If you haven’t been to the zoo in a while go explore. It was great fun and I highly recommend the Lego Art exhibit. 

Happy Tuesday!

With love,


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