Family adventures.

When we actually do get out of the house we like to go on adventures. We call our outings adventures to, in essence bribe Caybren out of the house. Ander, our youngest is very go with the flow. Caybren doesn’t seem to like change, he has to be convinced.

Thus every time we leave the comfort of our apartment its an adventure.

Some food for thought: our boys are a year and two months apart, when I first went out with the two of them alone it was scary and unpredictable. With planning and patience I got through it, thus allowing me to appreciate the times when I had assistance going out with them.

Now with Caybren and Ander being toddlers I’m back in the “scary and unpredictable” phase. Thankfully this adventure was accompanied by my amazing husband.

Saturday I got off of work close to 6pm and spur of the moment we decided to go to Baybrook Mall. They have expanded the mall outside and there is some awesome restaurants and shopping!

After eating at Uberrito, we ventured off to explore the outside mall. In the center of the several stores and restaurants there is a grassy area with a big screen. No movie was playing but the kids were frolicking around. We got the boys each a yummy lollipop from It’ Sugar (candy store) and hung out on the steps. Of course this lasted all of maybe a minute for Ander, he wanted to run around with the kids and his lollipop. (Not happening. lol)

Then Ander decided he was gonna run off down the walkway. Hence prompting our adventure through the mall.

We often forget to bring a stroller, which is occasional hell so I don’t know why I keep doing myself the injustice of being forgetful… Not having a stroller having to we end up carry Ander, because he loves to run off and get into EVERYTHING. This time we found an abandoned mall fire truck stroller that the boys couldn’t resist.

Caybren would instruct Cal (my husband) “hurry there’s a fire, that way!” “To the rescue!”

As you can imagine it was adorable and humorous.

That leads me to our last adventure of the day, my husband assisting Caybren in one of those virtual reality thingys… I’m not sure exactly what it’s called but they put on the goggle looking device that was connected to a tv so they could experience a roller coaster in dinosaur land.

Of course Caybren loved it and poor Ander was crying and screaming because he wasn’t able to participate. Once the ride/ movie ended Caybren was now unhappy because he wanted to do it again.

As we continued to walk around the rest of the mall the stores were closing and it was time to end our adventurous Saturday night. All in all my anxiety only reached a level 5, with no major incidents so it was a success.

In conclusion, what are some of the adventures you like to go on with your family?

Do you find yourself enjoying the little things?

Or do you spend too much time dwelling on the inability to control your toddlers every growing desire to get into everything and anything.

With love,


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