Alone time, what’s that?

When you get in the bath and you’re FINALLY allowing for some much needed alone time…the echoing sounds of motherhood radiate from the other side of the bathroom door and in that moment you realize your not alone…

I TRY to have a positive outlook on situations.

So after the initial negative thought I was lead to…
“I guess on the flip side… it’s nice to be missed?…”


There is so MANY “what to expect when you’re expecting” books out there but I don’t feel that they do a good job of telling you all the things you will no longer get to do ALONE.

Ex: take a shit… Once your offsprings hit the toddler phase they follow you around like a puppy… hell even before that they do.

Example #2: taking a shower. God forbid you have to take one while your child is awake& they sense with their spidey senses that you are attempting to get ready without their presence.

Brushing your teeth… really anything dealing with the bathroom that’s their favorite room in the house. (at least for my tots)

Peacefully grazing the isles of the grocery store. Never again. Take the newborn/ infant stage in, when they nap while you shop. Once they become a toddler it’s bipolar central. While you’re holding them entering the store everything is great(occasionally), as you attempt to place them in the grocery cart its high pitched screams! And no bribery doesn’t always work.

Being  a parent is such a blessing though, I do love it. But let’s be honest it has its ups and downs. And I’m here to bring you to reality about that.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

What else… lemme think…

OH watching your favorite shows or a movie. Once that toddler stage hits its Super Why, Nursery Rhymes, and Little Einstein’s: for EVERYONE. Usually if you have other devices it’s easier to occupy them. Then the tots subconsciously “share” (meaning until their short attention spans notice you have the “big” tv.)


With love,


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