It’s happening, it’s really happening.

blogging assistant

As I sit here at the computer attempting to type my first official blog post I am bombarded with the realness of motherhood in the form of Ander…
He is sunken into my lap without any intention of moving. Delighted that Ander still enjoys lap time, I am also consumed with impatience due to my yearning desire to BLOG!

Ahhh, MOTHERHOOD at its finest.

I have wanted to create a blog for a little over 3 years now and have finally decided to DO IT! Filled with all kinds of emotions I am delving into the abyss of the blogging community.

I promise to blog about hair education, makeup, life as a mother and wife, and everything you’ve thought but had too much modesty to type.

My posts will include run on sentences because I am not accustom to writing complete sentences. (because what fun would that be)

If you are reading this I am overwhelmed with gratitude that someone is willing to read about my completely basic life.

with love,


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